Clive Rich

CEO of LawBite

Clive Rich is a barrister, mediator, arbitrator and negotiator. During a 30 year career he has brokered and drafted deals worth in excess of £10Billion for and with the likes of Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Vodafone, MTV, the BBC, Pepsi, Tesco and Simon Cowell.

Clive recognised that millions of UK SME’s found fast, expert legal advice hard to find and were often over charged and under-served by traditional law firms.

So, Clive created LawBite – one of the UK’s first virtual SRA regulated legal platforms. LawBite takes SME's every step of the way, from 'idea' to 'ideal', as they start, grow and succeed. It does this through its dedicated team of on-line experienced legal experts (LawBriefs) delivering easy-to-understand legal advice, at 50% or less of the normal cost. The law firm is wrapped around a technology platform providing easy to use software, tools and documents, all with a human touch.