Shamus Rae

Co-Founder & CEO @ Engine B

A dedicated change-maker and with 21 years in business transformation, Shamus is now focused exclusively on leveraging AI and data to transform organisations.


In 2019 Shamus formed Engine B together with Donne Burrows. Supported by the ICAEW and the main audit firms, Engine B aims to expedite digitisation of the Professional Services industry (accounting and legal) and crucially, level the playing field for all organisations, large and small. Engine B is a collaborative consortium bringing together technology houses, key industry players, end clients, new start-ups, regulators and investors.

Prior to the birth of Engine B, Shamus spent 13 years at KPMG as a Partner, leading in Business Transformation. Most recently as Head of Innovation and digital disruption, his work concentrated on new and disruptive technologies and their impact on the Professional Services industry.


Shamus is intent on revolutionising the way companies work with his people-focused values paving the way for a new generation of responsible leadership. Both a highly respected voice and dedicated advocate of how we must use the digital revolution for good, Shamus is a key speaker at many industry events. For two consecutive years he has been a significant contributor to CogX and is regularly called on to share his insights with leading industry publications.


In addition to his work for KPMG, Shamus was one of the three founders of WNS (Indian Outsourcing Company) and built IBM’s first BPO operation in India. He was Integration Executive for Daksh and a key specialist in the design and running of Global Business Services (GBS). Shamus has also undertaken Operational Strategy work for various global clients from Investment Banks to major Leisure companies.