Tianyu Yuan

CEO & Co-Founder, Codefy GmbH

Tianyu Yuan is a German qualified lawyer and CEO of the technology startup Codefy. The company specializes in building AI assistants for lawyers and other knowledge workers. Tianyu frequently advises legal departments, law firms and the judiciary on the topics of digital transformation, process optimization, knowledge management and legal operations.

Besides, he is very active in legal tech education in Germany and teaches legal technology as well as AI in law to law students, legal trainees, lawyers, judges and prosecutors.Tianyu also co-leads the Digital Study which is a renowned nationwide scientific study on digitalization in legal education and practice.

Tianyu has academic backgrounds in both robotics and law and has worked for a preeminent international law firm in Frankfurt and London, as research associate and lecturer at the University of Heidelberg, and was visiting researcher at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.